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Plumbing System
More like Electrical Design and Diagram, Designing of Plumbing and Drainage System is also highly essential in Construction Industry. Even small homeowner needs a plumbing diagram to receive a building permit to renovate or modify or to rebuild their home. The hard copy of Plumbing and Drainage system diagram is more important in order to make any changes or to modify the existing plumbing and drainage structure of a building or can be used as a plumbing and drainage plan for a new building construction to make sure the basic elements of plumbing and drainage system such as rain water, sewer, natural gas, fire suppression water, domestic water, irrigation water, and other special water and waste systems are in place.
Sewerage layout showing alignment, diameter of sewer pipes, location of Inspection Chambers, Manholes and Sewer Trap along with the chamber top and invert levels. Provision of Septic tank / STP where applicable.
Storm Water Drainage
Storm Water Drainage layout showing alignment and type of storm water drainage along with pipe diameter, catch pit chambers etc. We will also provide design for rain water harvesting system for the entire project area where applicable.
Water Supply
Water Supply distribution system as per the discussions with Client and Architect including design of UGR, OHT, Rising Mains and Down -takes. Design will also include water pumps pipe sizing and filtration system as applicable.
Material Selection , BOQ and Tendering
To advise Client and Architect regarding appropriate selection of materials to suit the project needs. To prepare the detailed bill of quantities, technical specifications and provide RFQ (Request For Quotation) document to Client for inviting quotations. Evaluation of quotations and giving recommendations to Client for selection of Contractor.
Site Supervision
To provide technical site inspections through fortnightly visits to site. This will assist Client to achieve site QA/QC to ensure that Contractor is following the Specifications and Drawings.
Exclusions for Plumbing System
Following works are excluded from our scope of work and shall be provided by others.
  • All technical data from site.
  • All levels required from site by us.
  • Licensing with the Government Departments.
  • All architectural drawings of layout plans, floor drawings, working drawings, sectional drawings, contour maps etc.
  • All NOCs to be obtained by the concerned contractor.
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