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Electrical Systems
If your home has ever lost electrical power during a storm or other type of electrical outage, you're probably well aware of how dependent we've become upon electrical power. Without it, practically nothing works, from appliances and lights to computers and air conditioners. Even some types of phones and heating equipment become worthless. Electricity is integral to our way of life. electrical Services
  • Electrical Demand Load Calculations for MSEB Supply as well as D.G. back-up supply.
  • Fixture and Conduit layout to suit the furniture layout.
  • Single Line Diagram for the entire system.
  • External and Internal layouts showing HT/LT feeders ,Transformers, D.G. Set, Metering room, LT Panels , cable      schedule.
  • HT/LT Panel design and drawings.
  • Ear thing and lightening protection system.
  • Material selection, BOQ and Tendering.
  • Site Supervision through fortnightly site visits.
Exclusions for Electrical Systems

  • All technical data from site.
  • All local bodies fees, if any.
  • Licensing with the Government Departments.
  • All architectural drawings of layout plans, floor drawings, working drawings, sectional drawings, contour maps etc.
  • All NOCs to be obtained by the concerned contractor.
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